Utsmaya in Sanskrit means ‘to bloom’. Our philosophy at Utsmaya is that every child has the potential to bloom to their best version if given the right mix of encouragement, love and acceptance.

We offer parenting intervention programs for a range of parenting challenges. Parenting interventions are structured information and activities for parents to positively influence parenting choices and behaviours to raise emotionally healthy and well-adjusted children. Programs are delivered by trained counsellors and psychologists. The workshops are online and include follow ups and hand holding through one to one therapy sessions.

Level 1

90 minutes for following age groups :
Expecting Parents - 2years olds
2 years - 5 years
5years - 8 years olds


Why is parenting coaching important? Isn't parental instinct enough?

Have you ever been in a situation where your child was throwing a tantrum and you felt embarrassed? Have you found your child lying to you? Does your child need a lot of motivation to complete a task? Or does your child give up easily? Educate yourself on what you can do to build self-confidence and self-worth. Find out how to teach integrity and honesty to your child so your child doesn't fear speaking the truth. Role model to your child how to delay gratification so they learn to wait for reward and can work towards that. If you desire to walk this path, enrol for our Parenting Masterclass to learn from a psychologist.

Parenting goes beyond providing food, shelter, clothing and education. It includes giving your child unconditional love, acceptance and care - physical and emotional. With the traditional Indian family system changing its structure and family size shrinking there aren’t as many adults available to raise a child today. Added to this is the impact of urban lifestyles and if both parents are working, parenting can become more challenging. Utsmaya offers customised hand holding of parents to understand their child’s unique needs and guide parents to be able to meet those needs.

Utsmaya is founded by mother-daughter psychologist duo Mamtha Rajesh and Mihika Rajesh, practising since 2000 and 2018 respectively.

Mamtha Rajesh has a Masters in Psychology and is extensively trained in counselling and psychotherapy. Having worked with more than 2000+ clients from across 12 countries, she has a nuanced understanding of human emotions and family dynamics.
Mihika Rajesh has completed her Masters in Mental Health in Children and Young Adults from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and is a trained counsellor. She has worked with children since 2018 and has a private practice.

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